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Barcelona Jewish Tour

Travel with us into a time tunnel to the Old City and the Jewish Quarter of Barcelona


Following the Jewish history

Jewish history in Spain begins in ancient times when Jews migrated to this land during the Roman Empire. Its peak was in the 13th century, During the Islamic era, a period characterized by intellectual, spiritual, religious, and economic flourishing, known as the Golden Age. Important rabbis served in key roles and influenced Spanish society and history as a whole.
In the 14th century, the situation for Spanish Jews deteriorated due to the strengthening of Catholicism, ultimately culminating in their fate being sealed with the development of the Inquisition and the expulsion order by the Catholic monarch in 1492. Those who stayed in Spain were forced to convert to Christianity. 
From there, Jews dispersed throughout the world, developing and strengthening local culture and economy wherever they went.
So who were the Ramban and the Rashba? How did Jews contribute to the economy of Spain during the medieval period, and what does the Golden era even mean? What was the role of Jews in the fascinating cultural encounter between Islam and Christianity in Spain? Are there any active synagogues from the period preceding the expulsion order? How did persecuted Jews continue to observe Jewish traditions in secret from the Christians? Was Columbus Jewish? How did Jews become pirates? Is there a Jewish community in Barcelona today?

All this and more will be discovered on our tour, "The Jewish Story."
Come dive with us into a journey through a time machine to the depths of the stories and events of the Jewish community of Spain and Catalonya from then until today.

The tour route

The Jewish Story Tour takes place in the Old City of Barcelona - in the Gothic Quarter, where the major part of the tour is dedicated to the Jewish Quarter. Throughout the tour, we will explore the Jewish history from from the Roman Empire in Spain, through the medieval years up untill modern times.
The period of the Golden Age was characterized by numerous important rabbis, heads of Yeshivas, Halachic decipers, poets, Bible commentators and Talmudic scholars. One of the prominent scholars from the Catalunya region was the Ramban, who was a Halachic decipherer, commentator, philosopher, Kabbalist, and physician. Other important rabbis from the Barcelona area included the Rashba, Haran, Rabbi Shmuel HaSardi, and our tour pays the
m due respect.
The Jewish Quarter in Barcelona is called "Call," and although there is no Jewish community in the area today, the narrow streets tell their stories of generations. Some say that if one puts their ear to the walls of the Jewish Quarter and concentrate, they can hear the vibrant sounds of Jewish life that once thrived here.
In our tour, "The Jewish Story," we will wander among the streets, learn about the Jewish history in Spain in general and Barcelona in particular, see the ancient synagogue, the King's Square where the famous debate of the Ramban took place, Jewish tombstones, mezuzah niches on the houses, the Jewish museum, the Mikveh, Chabad House, and many more surprises.


Who is the tour suitable for?

Interested in Judaism? Interested in history? The tour is not only suitable for enthusiasts of the Jewish genre but for anyone who wants to embark on a spectacular journey in the Old City of Barcelona, ​​which hides within it fascinating and captivating secrets.

Due to the dynamic and youthful atmosphere of Barcelola, the tour is suitable for adults, young people and children alike. There is no doubt that with Barcelola, you will experience the medieval period and the world of Spanish Jews in the most interesting and exciting way possible.

Last details

Duration of the tour: 3 hours walking tour

Meeting point: Hard Rock Cafe Restaurant, Plaza Catalunya

How do I book the tour?

Our Jewish Tour is conducted in the format of private tours only, according to the days and times convenient for you.

This way, you can enjoy a private guided tour just for you and your family at a time that suits you.  

Please don't hesitate to contact us!

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